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The goal of psychotherapy is to help individuals understand their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, and to develop coping strategies to deal with challenges in their lives. Psychotherapy can be conducted in various formats, including individual, group, couples, or family therapy. At Horizon, we leverage talk therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and expressive writing, into the therapeutic process. These creative interventions provide alternative ways for clients to explore and express their emotions, experiences, and inner thoughts. Creative counseling can be particularly beneficial for individuals who may find it challenging to articulate their feelings verbally or who prefer non-verbal forms of expression.

Play therapy is a form of psychotherapy specifically designed for children, although it can also be adapted for adolescents and adults. It uses play as a medium for communication and expression, allowing children to process their thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive environment. Play therapists use a variety of toys, games, and activities to engage children in therapeutic play sessions. Through play, children can explore their emotions, develop problem-solving skills, build self-esteem, and learn new ways of relating to others.

Integrated approaches often combine elements from psychotherapy, creative counseling, and play therapy to provide comprehensive and tailored treatment plans for clients. Therapists may draw on techniques from each approach based on the client’s age, developmental stage, preferences, and therapeutic goals.