Kristin Cruz

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Kristin Cruz
Clinical Mental Health Intern

Kristin Cruz is a counselor-in-training with the University of Mount Olive’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. She earned my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Duke University. Between her undergraduate graduation and last year when she began her master’s degree, she explored other interests and activities. She spent years volunteering as a paramedic and gained her national certification for that. Kristin and her husband also raised a family during that time. Because of the mental health struggles of one of their children, she found my way back to her love of counseling. She has a strong interest in Cognitive Behavioral counseling which helps people understand how our thought process and the emotions they evoke affect our behavior.

She is also invested in learning all she can about trauma-informed counseling and how to help people who have experienced trauma. Outside of education and the time she spends with her family, she loves losing myself in a good book and creating through crafts. She find both of those activities extremely therapeutic and believes they help her to be a better person and counselor.