Rosanna Wood

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Rosanna Wood

Specializes in Adult Therapy

Rosie has been a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in North Carolina since 2007 and remains licensed in her home state of Montana (since 2005). Rosie tripled majored in Art, Psychology, and Education with her undergraduate degree from the University of Montana (1999).  She earned her Master’s degree in Art Therapy from Marylhurst University in Portland, Oregon (2004). Having been a therapist for nearly 20 years she has a vast array of experiences in the mental health field, having practiced in a variety of clinical settings, including residential treatment centers, juvenile shelters, foster care agencies, outpatient settings, comprehensive school and community treatments, and intensive in-home services.  Though Rosie has worked with all ages, couples and families over the years, she is focusing her practice on adults with depression, anxiety and trauma.

She uses different therapeutic approaches depending on each clients’ need.  Rosie truly understands the importance of holding space for someone while they work to understand themselves better.  Her therapy techniques and approaches help people gain insight into their relationship patterns, decision making processes, and abilities to handle stressful situations.  Art therapy helps break through people’s own defense mechanisms they use and art therapy can often lead to intense “aha” moments.  Art is a form of communication through which our subconscious minds can “speak.” No art experience necessary. (It’s not art class.) Rosie often ties in cognitive behavioral (CBT) approaches to her work, helping clients learn how their thinking affects their feelings and actions.  Another therapy intervention tool of her’s is EMDR (go ahead and google this one if you don’t know what it is).  Since becoming EMDR certified in 2017, Rosie has been thrilled to incorporate this approach into her practice.  Combining all three of these approaches has been very affective for her clients.  Rosie believes, mostly, the interpersonal relationship formed between client and therapist is a venerated experience.

In her free time Rosie enjoys the outdoors with her two kids and goes back to visit family in Montana as often as possible.  She is a working artist as well.